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Private Addiction Treatment Centers in California- Free Yourself Today

California Addiction Network provides personalized addiction treatment programs that are both effective and affordable. We focus on creating a private, individualized recovery program that’s designed meet our client’s specific needs.

With multiple locations throughout California,  we are better able to identify and place our clients into customized treatment programs, addressing the unique challenges they face as they work towards recovering from various addiction issues.

Do You Need an Intervention?

If needed, we recommend and oversee professional interventions.  With our caring staff of interventionists, we help to prepare a family to organize a successful intervention which will end with a client agreeing to enter into our detox and/or private addiction treatment program.

Do Need Drug and Alcohol Detox?

Depending on the substance(s) being abused, there may need to be a period of time needed for detoxification. It is important for drug and alcohol withdrawal to be supervised, because under the guidance of medical professionals a person can go through the detox process effectively and safely. We offer a safe and comfortable detoxification regimen which is facilitated by medical professionals who specialize in different types of addiction. 

Individual and group therapy is the core of any person’s recovery from addiction and it is how the process of change begins.  Whether someone has an addiction to drugs or alcohol or an eating disorder is of no consequence, because the root of these issues are important and must be discovered in order to start the healing process.  A client will learn to modify their behaviors and be able to make better choices and decisions. Through adopting new strategies for life, increasing one’s self-esteem and raising self-awareness, counseling is at the core of treating any type of disorder. We can treat dual diagnosis, eating disorders, alcoholism, drug abuse, sexual addiction, gambling addiction, trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


In Treatment, Together We Heal

break the chains of addiction

Before starting your rehabilitation program, together we will conduct a thorough assessment to ensure all your needs are met while in treatment.

During your assessment, together we will look at:

  • Circumstances or situations leading to addiction

  • Degree of dependence on the substance(s)

  • Triggers that push you to drug use

  • Types of drugs and substances being consumed

  • Current and past medical history/conditions

  • Emotional and psychological reasons for abuse

California Addiction Network drug and alcohol counselorAfter your rehabilitation counselors have a clear understanding of your needs, together we will carefully craft a treatment program that includes detoxification if needed, one on one therapy, group counseling and other activities to help you recover physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

It is very important for you to remember change does not happen quickly.  It begins with seeking treatment and continues after you leave treatment, because each day you make a critical decision to lead a clean and sober life.  The California Addiction Network helps to bridge the transition from addiction and helps a person return to society as a functional and healthy being.  The road to recovery is long and filled with its challenges, but with our help, you can recover and go on to earn back your family’s trust and have the meaningful and productive life you want.

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