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California Addiction Network Will Make Your Recovery a Success

At California Addiction Network, our goal is to provide you with services and resources to help make your recovery a success.

California Addiction Network specializes in personalized communication with our clients to identify their specific challenges and find tailor-made programs or services for them.

Through our extensive nationwide connections with Addiction Professionals, California Addiction Network can provide:

recovery a success

Do You Need an Intervention?

Interventions are a powerful experience for the addict and the family. Our professional staff oversees each step in the process, preparing families and employers to participate. This organization is key to a successful intervention – getting the addict the help they need.

Do Need Drug and Alcohol Detox?

Depending on the substance(s) being abused, there may need to be time for detoxification. It is important for drug and alcohol withdrawal to be medically supervised.

Let Us Help You Explore Treatment Options

There are different levels of care and treatment. Depending upon your needs, there are:

  • Outpatient with or without a recovery home living component
  • Inpatient: Short and Long-term
  • Residential

Maintaining Your Recovery

Recovery Coaching helps ensure that recovery lessons are continued. This is not sponsorship or therapy but reinforcement and encouragement to move forward in your life. Utilizing a strength-based approach, clients establish goals and work with the coach to form Recovery Action Plans.

Communication is Key recovery a success

It is very important for you to remember change does not happen quickly. It begins with seeking treatment and continues after you leave treatment. Our staff will listen to you and help you select the best options.

Today can be the day that you begin to turn your life around. Call us at 888-376-0706

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